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Our priority is to crack open and repair your safe with precision and care. If we are unsuccessful - you won't be charged!



The safe locksmith Melbourne trusts

Safecrackers Australia is renowned for our ability to break through just about any safe in the market. People who have accidentally locked away their precious valuables, documents and more have relied on our prompt service to help them regain access to their belongings. We’re available to help those who can’t remember or need to change their combination locks, to break into safes with lost keys or simply to provide safe servicing. We’re on standby 24/7 for all your urgent safe cracking needs, offering a service that’s both considerate to your privacy and your time schedule. That’s why Safecrackers Australia has a reputation as the number one safe locksmith Melbourne wide and throughout Victoria.



Has the lock malfunctioned on your safe?  Do your staff have trouble opening your safe or remembering the combination? Maybe you've lost the keys, again!

Do you need urgent access to important documents?

Call Kevin now, he is on standby 24/7.

SAFES WE specialise in:

  • CMI
  • Chubb 
  • Lord
  • Kumahira
  • Platinum
  • Dominator
  • Pioneer
  • Dyke
  • Samson
  • Victoria
  • Ratner
  • Sterling
  • Tank
  • Tann
  • John Tann
  • Milner
  • Kookaburra
  • Defiance
  • Kelly


Have you recently had a change in staff and quickly need your safe combination updated?

Regularly changing your combination is critical for maintaining the security of your precious possessions.


Combination lock

Combination lock


Have you recently been burgled and now you can no longer access the contents of your safe? Maybe your safe simply will not open! This often occurs because it is not being regularly serviced, particularly when your safe is under continuous use.

Keeping your safe in good condition will ensure longevity.

Book a safe service and repair now.

we open and repair:

  • Record protection cabinets
  • Fire proof containers
  • Drug safes
  • Rifle safes
  • Pistol safes
  • Old antique safes
  • Cash safes
  • Jewellers safes


Specialising in a wide range of models

Here at Safecrackers Australia, we pride ourselves on our ability to open nearly every safe on the market. We’re specialists in dealing with CMI, Wormald, Chubb, Lord, Kumahira, Platinum, Dominator, Pioneer, Dyke, Samson, Victoria, Ratner, Sterling, Tank, Tann, John Tann, Milner, Kookaburra, Defiance, Kelly brand safes and many more. We’re also able to open and repair nearly any type of safe in the market – from record protection cabinets through to jewellers’ safes, old antique safes, drug safes and more. If your safe is constantly locking on itself, we can even provide information on safe maintenance, meaning your safe will keep opening and closing in a reliable manner while still protecting your goods.  We can even help you reset a combination lock!


Contact a safe locksmith in Melbourne

You’re just a call or email away from the best safe locksmith Melbourne and wider Victoria has to offer. Get in touch and we’ll take a considered and informed approach to solving your safe emergency. By letting us know a few details about the make and model of your safe, and the problem you’re having with it, we’ll get back to you with a professional service as soon as we can. We take pride in breaking open even the toughest of safes – which is why we consider ourselves as the best safe locksmith in Melbourne. For 24/7 safe support, contact Kevin at Safecrackers Australia today.

The experienced name in safecracking

Over 40 years ago, Kevin Brockwell started his career as a safe locksmith. Developing his business as a partner, manager and founder of Abate Safe Co, Kevin is known by government departments, schools and hospitals as one of the most reliable figureheads in safecracking across Victoria. Unlike other competitors, Kevin arrives in an unmarked van and uniform to keep discretion at the forefront of his work – after all, the last thing you want is unwanted attention from would-be burglars drawn to your workplace or home. These considerations and experience along with Kevin’s proactive research into new safe and lock technology are unrivalled, which is why people book in Safecrackers Australia time and time again.