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I had life saving medication locked in my safe, I called 3 locksmiths who all failed to open my safe, they all charged me for a call out fee, my safe was unbreakable...I finally contacted Safecrackers who offered ‘no open no fee’ promise. Not only did they open it, they made me 2 new keys. Friendly and very professional, I highly recommend using this company. I don’t usually give reviews, but I feel in this case, very thankful and feel it’s the least I can do.
— Christopher Cooper

I highly recommend Kev Brockwell. We needed our safe unlocked and Kev was there in less than four hours because of how urgent it was. Lovely guy, very trustworthy and professional and well-priced. Thanks Kev!
— Andrew Frazer, Listen To Your Body Personal Training

Christmas 2016 our safe door jammed closed. After many calls, and several different ‘safe guys’ tried, the only one who could be bothered to leave Melbourne and come to a small country town, was Kevin. So after a year of being jammed, Kevin made two trips up to Echuca, he mentioned he never had a safe not open for him. Well this one nearly broke his perfect record, but I’m so happy to say it’s open and best of all the safe is fully functional and you would never know how he got in there! Great job!
— Terri Bryant, Echuca Treasure House

My company has used the expertise of Kevin Brockwell regularly for more than 15 years and also in my previous employment with the Victoria Police. I have always found his level of professionalism and product knowledge to be of the highest level. He is prepared to attend any job no matter how large or small although he clearly relishes the opportunity to test his ‘safecracking’ skills against the toughest of safes. Many of the tasks my clients had set for Kevin have required complete discretion and confidentiality and as such I have no hesitation in recommending him and his business to my customers and colleagues in the security industry.
— Colin – AusAssess Pty Ltd, Risk and Investigation Consultants