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Different Types of Safe Locking Mechanisms

Recently we shared with you our tips on what to consider when purchasing a safe.

Today, we want to share with you the various types of locking mechanisms which we feel may also influence your decision when deciding on a safe that best suits your needs.

Biometric fingerprint lock

Biometric fingerprint lock

At Safecrackers Australia, we have experience in not only opening, repairing and servicing safes, we have also spent several years purchasing and selling second-hand safes. Subsequently, we have seen our fair share of different locking mechanisms – all of which Kevin has successfully been able to crack open.

In today’s post, we share with you the options available and hopefully you’ll have a bit more confidence when it comes to choosing what safe would best suit you.


A key-operated safe is a good option if you’re prone to forgetting number combinations. They’re often high quality and durable.

They offer sound security provided you protect the key, so it is recommended that you keep it separate to your everyday bunch of keys.

The downside is that safe keys are easy to identify and can be targeted by a discerning thief who may assume that you are hiding cash and valuables.

Also, a safe key can easily be duplicated.


A mechanical combination lock requires the user to dial a series of numbers to open it. It can be changed and reset by the user.

A mechanical combination lock is not as easy to use and takes a bit longer to open compared to a digital lock.

But if you’re always losing your keys, maybe this is the best choice of lock for you!


Most modern safes are operated by digital locks which can easily be changed. As with combination locks, digital locks don’t require a key. Instead the user creates a digital code to enter into a keypad to open a safe.

Convenience is paramount here as it doesn’t take very much time to open and suits situations where more than one person requires access to the safe on a regular basis – such as in a place of business. The manager can have a different code which allows them to re-program the safe such as adding, removing or changing user codes.


These high-tech security devices are another modern variant to opening a safe, by using fingerprint technology. They are quickly emerging amongst both the domestic and commercial markets as one of the most secure options.

The ideal lock for you requires careful consideration and is very much a personal choice and subject to your individual needs. It’s always good to do your research and speak to an expert.

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