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DIY Safe Cracking. Good or bad idea?

We recently had an enquiry to open a safe and our standard procedure is to ask for a picture of the safe. 

Upon receiving this photo we were shocked to see the damage and assumed a burglar attempted to break into the safe. 

When bad things happen to good safes...

When bad things happen to good safes...

Upon further questioning, we were informed that the client searched online for information on how to open a safe and took it upon themselves to give it a go.  

Unfortunately, as you can see in the image, the client had done so much damage to the safe that it was totally irreparable and unusable. 

The moral of the story is -  call a professional, like Safecrackers Australia to open your safe, that way you will end up with a safe that is still operable and functional.  Unfortunately for this client, they will have the expense of purchasing a new safe.

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