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Interesting Things Found in Secondhand Safes

Back when we were buying and selling pre-loved safes, we occasionally found some interesting things inside of them. 

To be honest, though, it was a rarity. In about 99% of all locked secondhand safes we purchased, all we found was an elastic band, a paper clip and a 2 cent coin!

But, we've gathered a collection of some of the more unusual, valuable and completely random items we have uncovered over our journey.

1. A Gun!

gun in safe.png

We discovered this big boy inside a locked safe a client had purchased. 

When Kev opened the safe, the police were called straight away and they came within minutes and removed the gun. 

We often wondered if it had been used in any crimes, I guess it is something we will never know!


2. Men At Work

men at work.png

Another time we found master tapes from Aussie band Men At Work for their most famous Album, Business as Usual which included the hit single Down Under

We wondered how long the tapes had been locked away without anyone knowing where they were. 

We purchased the safe at an open auction and it had sat in our workshop for some time before Kev got around to opening it. Somehow I got onto Micheal Gudinski who was very grateful and sent someone around to pick them up. 

As a reward, they gave us some Colin Hay CD’s and this thank you letter.


3. Diamonds!

our baby girl.png

Nothing prepared us for the bag of diamonds discovered in a beautiful old secondhand double-door safe. They had fallen behind one of the drawers. When the original owner of the safe was located and informed he too was very grateful and bought us a bunch of flowers as a thank you for our honesty. (A little diamond souvenir would have much more appreciated!). 

We also found our baby girl hiding inside this safe one day!


4. The King of Rock n Roll, Cash, Stamps and Lots of Interesting Old Stuff...

random finds (2).png

Over the years other things we have found were an Elvis Presley best of CD collection, beautiful old handwritten ledgers and insurance certificates from the mid-1800’s, various sums of cash, old stamps and various items of jewellery.

So remember, if you are intending to dispose of an on unopened safe, be aware that it may not be empty, always check behind the drawers if it is opened. 

And if you purchase a locked secondhand safe you never know what may be inside it, but I can almost guarantee that in 99% of cases it will be an elastic band, a paper clip and a 2 cent coin!

Cristina Abate.