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Combination manipulation - skills and a load of patience required!

Protecting important items and documents is the key purpose of a safe. But what if you can't access these precious items because you've lost or forgotten the combination?

The owner of this Anchor high-security floor safe was faced with this dilemma when they lost the combination. To gain access to their safe, the owner contacted Safecrackers Australia.

As the safe had a combination dial, Kevin was able to adopt the manipulation method to successfully open the safe. Due to Kevins' years of experience and patience, this was achieved without causing damage to any of the internal mechanisms of the safe. 

Kev then reset the combination numbers for the client, making it immediately ready for use again.

Safe manipulation is an intricate method, requiring a lot of skill and patience. But it is also the least invasive way to open a safe when you don't have the combination!

Anchor floor safe combination lock